Sarah Leaver Workshops  

·       Clowning;  looking at the pure clown using red nose clowning as well as using games in performance to create atmosphere and generate material. Depending on the level and skill base I can use a clown workshop to look at complicate, states of tension and physical comedy.

·       Mime; having studied mime for three months with Desmond Jones I can deliver a workshop purely on mime skills though, particularly for FE students and younger students I would recommend integrating mime with other performance skills.

·       Mask Work; can include Commedia de L’Arte half masks or focus purely on Trestle Masks. I have six years experience performing a mask based show with ‘Face Pack Theatre Company’. Using games, exercises and devising to develop students mask work as well as using mask to develop phyicalisation and character work. Students will devise short scenes to develop mask work and mask based skills.

·       Pair work;  This workshop focuses on the connection between performers using breath and impulse as its starting point and integrating weight exchange, lifts and acro-balance.

·       Commedia Dell’Arte; looking at stock characters such as Zanni, Dottore, Capitano. Using classic scenarios,themes and devises such as Lazzi’s and using commedia as a premise to explore physicality

·       Butoh and Suzuki; based on the Japanese theatre techniques Butoh and Suzuki these intensive techniques can be taught separately as well as together. Suzuki is an excellent physical and mental training for actors while Butoh pushes actors to explore emotional depth, focus and commitment.

·       Acting techniques; this session looks at a combination of techniques to develop physicality, voice, characterisation and emotional commitment needed as a performer

·       Physical training; including Ashtanga Yoga, Suzuki and pair work to develop actors core strength, stamina, flexibility, command and control of movement, presence and focus in performance

·       Solo show; based on personal experience this session starts with generating material though research, writing and devising. We will look at dramaturgy, performance styles and possible techniques for a solo show.

·       Industry and funding; a talk and workshop based on working as a free lance actor as well as generating your own work and applying for funding. I have received two ACE grants as an independent practitioner.

·       Director; I am available as a visiting director with experience in directing First Diploma, National diploma and Degree Students in scripted, site specific and devised theatre. I have experience co- devising on Periplums international and site specific performances and assistant directing for Company Collisions 'Medea'.